Larry Belloir: Field Superintendent

Larry has been a lifelong resident of the Upper Valley, and comes from a family of construction professionals. Tom and Larry met in 1989 while both worked at Pre-Engineered Structures Inc. Larry was a steel hanger and Tom was a project estimator. After a couple years, Larry left PSI to work for Trumbull-Nelson, where his father had worked for decades.

It wasn’t too long thereafter when Tom also made the move to T-N. Over the next ten years, Larry worked alongside Tom on dozens of construction projects, large and small, commercial and residential. Larry eventually was placed in charge of T-N’s Metal Building Erection Crew, putting up pre-engineered commercial buildings throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

When Tom left T-N to start his own business, he told Larry if he ever needed a job, to look him up and he would make a place for him. Not a year had passed before Larry made that call. Since then, he has been in charge of everything that happens on every TM Jellison jobsite. Along with over 30 years of construction experience, he brings to the table his extensive training in OSHA and EPA-RRP regulations, first aid, and firefighting.

Larry is a dedicated professional who will always ‘tell it like it is’. He lives in Canaan with his wife Darleen. He is an avid outdoorsman and a dedicated family man.

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